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What your Business Plan Should Include

Article by: Sara Pantaleo

The business plan is your guide when it comes to planning the future of your company. The business plan is a great way to ensure that your company’s future goals align with its current operations. Whether you’re looking forward or backward, this document will help provide principles and tactics for taking actions within an organisation to achieve growth successfully!

The key to success in business is planning and action. A good business plan will help your company succeed and flourish by keeping it on track with goals, strategies for reaching those destinations, and what steps need to happen before that can happen.

This article will help you understand the different components of a business plan and why it’s essential to have one.

Plan you year

Your Strategy  

The power of a business plan is in the strategy; it lies in its ability to provide clarity and direction. The strategy includes the big picture and long-term company vision while also giving clear instructions on how you’re going to accomplish your goals.


Your SWOT    

A successful business is only as strong and healthy as its foundation. The backbone of any company lies in understanding what makes it unique. How to improve on those strengths while minimising or removing weaknesses for future growth opportunities – this will help you run your organisation confidently! To get a proper understanding, that’s where your SWOT comes in.

The analysis will show you what’s working in your business and how to improve it so you can meet future goals.

Your Action Plan

The operational backbone of any successful business plan is execution tactics, also known as your action plan. These tactics ensure that time and effort won’t be wasted, as everyone will know what needs to happen at each step for the plan’s success!

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