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Month: January 2023

Evaluating and Executing Your Business Strategy

Article by: Sara Pantaleo Strategy evaluation is an essential step in the process of formulating and executing a strategy. It enables you to stop and evaluate the strategy alongside the company’s other day-to-day activities while executing said strategy. Stopping to evaluate your strategy as you go is often overlooked, and where strategy execution is at…
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How to Choose the Right Business Values

Article by: Sara Pantaleo Company values are what keep a group of people together as they work towards a common goal. These guiding principles and beliefs help them function effectively to achieve success for themselves, their customers and all stakeholders. Company values are an excellent way for companies to communicate the core beliefs and principles…
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What is a Culture Strategy for Business?

Article by: Sara Pantaleo Culture strategy offers a formal logic for the company‚Äôs goals and focuses people around them. The company’s goals are the priority. Strategy guides activity towards these objectives, while culture expresses them through values, principles and beliefs that guide how people act and interact. The strategy offers a formal logic for understanding…
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Using a SWOT Analysis

Article by: Sara Pantaleo SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. What is a SWOT Analysis?       A SWOT is a tool or framework that enables you to easily assess each of the four key areas that should always be at the forefront of your business strategy. The SWOT analysis is an essential tool for…
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What are the Benefits of Having a Business Strategy?

Article by: Sara Pantaleo An effective Business Plan is your roadmap to success. It clarifies all aspects of the business, from marketing and finance through operations, products or services you provide, and how you will outperform your competitors and stand out in the market. A strategic plan will help you grow and expand, creating long-lasting…
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What is the Business Strategy Planning Process?

Article by: Sara Pantaleo Strategic plans are like a map to help you stay on track. They include an assessment of where you are now, your company’s vision and mission statements and goals to drive the company to success. The goals can be broken down into smaller milestones or tasks by the end date envisioned…
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What Should a Business Mission Statement Include

Article by: Sara Pantaleo What is your organisation’s fundamental purpose? A mission statement tells consumers, both internal and external, what you hope to accomplish in the simplest way. What is a Mission Statement?         If you ever visit a website and find yourself wondering what an organisation is doing and why a  mission statement would…
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What’s Included in a Business Strategy?

Article by: Sara Pantaleo A business strategy is a plan that helps you make wise decisions about your company’s future. It provides principles, methods and tactics for taking these actions within an organisation so it can be successful in its goal – growing! Running a successful company is no easy task. As the owner or…
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Why Business Vision is Important

Article by: Sara Pantaleo Do you have a crystal clear mental image of what you want to be like in five years’ time? This vision can stop you from heading off course. The best way to come up with your vision, I’ve found, is by creating an image in my head that depicts what success…
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