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About us

Affari SP was born to assist small to medium business enterprises (SMEs) leaders to create and implement strategies to grow or transform their business success and profitability, while being socially responsible and sustainable. We guide and empower SMEs to articulate and execute their goals.


Realising the full potential of business leaders.


Foster leaders to innovate and transform their small to medium business enterprise (SME) to achieve profitable growth while championing the way to be socially conscious and sustainable.



We strive towards achieving triple bottom line profitability with all the SMEs we work with.

We work with you to review your current business and develop a clear understanding of your vision and stakeholders and then be able to execute a plan with your team to achieve strong growth while ensuring that you keep your culture, values and stand out in the community.

Our philosophy is that business is a continuous journey of transformation and innovation to stay relevant to the modern needs of people in the 21st century.

One of the ways we do this is by assessing your systems and processes and implementation of automation for menial tasks while ensuring the human touch with all stakeholders.

We recognize that 70% of Australia’s business’ is made up of small family business and we are passionate to see them reach the full potential.