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Group Workshops

We work with organisations and small business leaders to deliver bespoke workshops and enhance knowledge and culture in any team.

Small and Family Business

Elevate your team’s performance with workshops meticulously designed to address your specific needs. From enhancing customer service and refining people and culture dynamics to honing business strategy, defining brand identity, and optimising marketing strategies, our tailored workshops cover a comprehensive range of topics crucial for small business success, such as:

  • Leading With a People-First Culture
  • Building an Organisation with Purpose and Impact
  • Creating an Executable Business Strategy
  • Continuity and Crisis Planning
  • Marketing Strategy Aligned to the Ideal Customer
  • Why Every Organisation Should be Obsessed With  Customer Service
  • How to Design a More Circular and Sustainable Business
…and much more!


Where the franchisor sets the vision and strategic objectives for the organisation, it is the franchisee that executes the vision with the customer.  It is, therefore, important that the franchisee is clear on the vision and run it well.  Franchisees aligned to your brand and able to deliver at ground level as was intended is crucial for success.  We run workshops for franchisors and franchisees covering:

  • Brand and Local Area Marketing
  • Brand Protections- Continuity and Crisis Planning Across the Group
  • Franchisor and the Franchisee Relationship
  • Creating a Business Plan

Design Your Own Workshop

Do you need a workshop designed specifically for your organisation? Ask and we shall provide.

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