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Growing profitability with a conscience

We guide and empower small business to articulate and execute their goals.

Who we are

Affari means “business”

The word “Affari” evolved from our founder’s origins of Italy which means business. The SP is an acronym which has many different meanings but originated from our passion of Sustainable Profitability.

We developed Our Logo with the alchemy symbol for transformation and the circle for continuous improvement representing our goal to provide business consulting services in Melbourne and work with leaders to transform their new business to the best they can be.  We provide consulting services for businesses to to increase their business turnover and profitability. 


Our Services

Strategy and Business Planning

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Business Development and Growth

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Crisis Management Plans

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Interim CEO

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Our People

Sara Pantaleo is a business woman who has always loved working and mentoring people.

Sara’s greatest strengths are Business strategy and operational execution. She is also a mentor and coach and empowers other to reach their full potential.


Blog di Sara

Cash is KIng

Cash is King

So it’s the end of the financial year, and your accountant reports your business has a nice profit.  You are surprised and tell them you cant understand as you have[…]

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Leading Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

Does Diversity mean better performance? In the last few months, there has been a lot of news about gender issues and how our Government has handled complaints by women for[…]

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