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Business Coach and Mentor

Guiding and empowering small business leaders to transform their organisations and build inclusive and productive teams.

Our Services

We evaluate your needs and goals collaboratively, crafting a practical and attainable roadmap for successful execution.

Workshops crafted by a business coach for teams focusing on collaborative strategy development, bolstering organisational culture, and cultivating a customer-centric mindset.

Peer-to-Peer groups of motivated small business leaders join forces to learn, expand, and enhance our businesses collectively. You no longer feel alone! Join the community.

Customised and engaging presentations and speaking engagements encompassing various small business domains, including franchising, family business, crisis and continuity planning, and fostering a positive people culture.

Do you need help setting up an Advisory Board for your organisation or an experienced NED who is independent, has strong analytical skills, and can solve complex problems? Collaborative and results-oriented, with a commitment to effective governance.

I am ready to contribute to the success of your organisation.

Who we are

Affari means “business”

The word “Affari” evolved from our founder’s origins in Italy which means business. The SP is an acronym with many meanings but originated from Sara’s passion for Sustainable Profitability.

The alchemy symbol in our logo represents transformation, and the circle with arrows for continuous improvement are aligned with our vision and and expertise to of coaching and mentoring small business leaders to transform their businesses to reach their full potential.

Our Impact

Hello, I'm Belinda; I have a small business called Wink Zinc, a natural skincare brand. I'm at the stage where I want to scale up their business and grow a little bit. I've been working with Sara on this process, and together, we identified the areas of the business that needed work before it was even possible to move forward. Sara has a wealth of knowledge and experience, but the good thing is she could see where I was at and we went straight from there. The sessions have been productive from the start. She's incredibly encouraging to work with, and I have a lot of energy now moving forward with Winki Zinc. Thank you, Sara.

About Sara

Sara Pantaleo, a dedicated businesswoman and non-executive director, has a genuine passion for coaching and mentoring individuals. Her primary strengths are her love for people and her adept leadership skills. Boasting extensive experience in corporate IT, franchising, family businesses, and non-profit organisations, Sara is a compassionate coach and mentor. She is committed to attentive listening and guidance, aiming to empower small business leaders in realising their full potential.

Trusted by diverse organisations

Our portfolio includes collaborations with a wide range of small businesses and not-for-profit, from innovative startups to established enterprises.

We recognise that 70% of Australia’s business is made up of small family businesses, and we are passionate to see them reach their full potential.

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