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How to Choose the Right Business Values

Article by: Sara Pantaleo Company values are what keep a group of people together as they work towards a common goal. These guiding principles and beliefs help them function effectively to achieve success for themselves, their customers and all stakeholders. Company values are an excellent way for companies to communicate the core beliefs and principles…
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What Should a Business Mission Statement Include

Article by: Sara Pantaleo What is your organisation’s fundamental purpose? A mission statement tells consumers, both internal and external, what you hope to accomplish in the simplest way. What is a Mission Statement?         If you ever visit a website and find yourself wondering what an organisation is doing and why a  mission statement would…
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How do I find my Purpose?

How do I find my purpose in life? Part of finding your purpose is by knowing what role you can play in changing the world. Some of it may be the fundamentals of your belief system, some of your journey in life.   What you believe and what you want to manifest in the world. It…
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