How to Choose the Right Business Values

Article by: Sara Pantaleo

Company values are what keep a group of people together as they work towards a common goal. These guiding principles and beliefs help them function effectively to achieve success for themselves, their customers and all stakeholders.

Company values are an excellent way for companies to communicate the core beliefs and principles that guide their day-to-day operations. A company’s identity can be built on its own unique values, or it may choose from several already established ones, such as respectfulness towards others or generosity with both time and money when needed most; these will depend largely upon what your organisation wants specifically out of its employees so they understand where you stand in regards not only how things should go at work but also why this is important.

Using your Vision Statement to Inform your Core Values

An organisation’s core values keep it oriented in the right direction. Once you have a vision statement, you’re ready to consider the guiding principles and beliefs you’ll follow to ensure your team gets to your vision’s destination.


Examples of Business Values 

Values are the building blocks of your brand. They give it its identity and can be used to create an image for yourself in society as well! Do you have a favourite retail chain? Why do they stand out from others on this scale – maybe because they always smile or perhaps because they serve you quickly. These behaviours are all likely a result of their set values.

Your brand’s values are the building blocks that give it its identity. They can be used to create an image for yourself in society and even help shape how others perceive you! Which retail chain do you enjoy going out to? Maybe because they always smile or just fast service – either way, this behaviour likely comes from their set value system.

So what are some examples of business values? Here are a few:

  • Kindness.
  • Humility.
  • We do it with a smile.
  • Fun.
  • Creativity.
  • Persistence.
  • Innovative.
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How your Values Should Evolve Over Time

The values that have guided your company from the beginning are never more important than now. As you evolve, so should these guiding principles – they will sustain and guide all aspects of what it is to be a part of your organisation’s future success! Change is consistent in business, and so should your values. You can lead on tools such as employee surveys to identify precisely what core values need a refresh when it becomes apparent that a need to refresh is there. Constantly reviewing how up-to-date your values are will ensure employee engagement remains high.

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