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Tag: Crisis Management

What does a Crisis Management Plan Include?

Article by: Sara Pantaleo Crisis management plans are all about minimising the damage, calming nerves and restoring operations as quickly as possible with minimal interruption. The very future of your business could depend on a crisis management plan. You need an effective and tailored plan to your organisation’s needs to manage a crisis. This article…
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The Elements of a Business Crisis to be Prepared for

Article by: Sara Pantaleo When a crisis occurs, it’s essential to have an idea of the different elements you’ll face. You need an open mind and be receptive so you can quickly respond with action when required, most during times of surprise and threat! Managing crises is essential to ensuring that organisations, their stakeholders and…
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Main Steps for Creating a Crisis Plan

Article by: Sara Pantaleo A crisis management plan is essential for any business, especially dealing with the public. This documents how your company will react to various situations and should be well thought-out to help avoid further damage or loss. An effective, well-crafted crisis plan is the best way to restore operations after a crisis.…
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Critical Elements of a Crisis Management Plan

Article by: Sara Pantaleo The world is changing rapidly, and it’s essential to be prepared for anything that may happen at a moment’s notice. Recent global events have shown us just how vulnerable we all are! An emergency response plan will ensure your business has what they need when faced with an unexpected crisis. Preparing…
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Crisis Management Phases

Article by: Sara Pantaleo The best way to minimise the damage caused by a crisis is by taking steps before, during and after one has occurred. This includes doing your due diligence with security practices and preparing an emergency plan that can be used in emergencies like data breaches or other situations where you may…
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What is Crisis Management?

Article by: Sara Pantaleo Crisis management is a necessary skill for any business to have. It’s the process of identifying threats and mounting an effective response to prevent further damage or loss. Businesses that plan to prevent crises from spinning out of control can limit the damage when something goes wrong. This process, known as…
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